Ambassador Program

Become a brand ambassador today! [CLOSED]

Hi there beautiful souls!
We are looking for brand ambassadors for Le Rougé who are passionate in the items that we offer. If you love our products, what we do and/or support our vision and our "WHY", feel free to let us know if you are interested by dropping us a message.

What's in it for you?

The benefits are twofold:
1. We will be giving you a big personal discount code that you can enjoy at any time you like (unlimited use) as well as for your followers.
2. For every referral sale you make with your discount code or unique link, you will receive 20% commission. This means you will earn 20% of what the item costs that was sold by you!
If the ambassador does well and contributes well to the brand, we will sign them on for a full partnership with sponsored products.
The page should look like this. All you need to do is enter the necessary details. Once you register and we receive your registration notification, your affiliate link can be seen in your personal dashboard. You can also drop us an email if you could like a discount code instead


1. One post and one story every month

2, Tag _lerougeclothing on your post

3. Be active

Ambassadors should post at least one post and story every month. Every post they make related to Le Rougé must have @_lerougeclothing tagged along with the post. We also expect our ambassadors to be more proactive - this does not mean spamming your feed with featured posts, but rather spread the word to your friends and family.

Le Rougé is slowly growing into a community of individuals who want to improve their self-image and feel confident and we pride ourselves in offering one of the most unique accessories/essentials. If you want to support us, send us a direct message on Instagram which can be found at the bottom the website. 


Q: How do I promote my custom link/discount code to try and refer sales and make money?
A: Once you have your custom link or promotion code, you can promote it to anyone on or off of social media. You may use any of our pictures, captions etc.
Q: How much can I make? 
A: The amount you make is completely up to you. The more you can generate, the more you earn (and deserve!)
Q: How do I get paid?
A: Once you reach $100 in sales, you will get paid with 20% commission. Please make sure add your Paypal email so you can get paid and on time!