Who is Le Rougé? Why Should I Care?

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A lot of you are probably wondering who we are, what we're about and why we established this brand. If you haven't already skimmed through our "Get to Know Us/Our Story" section for a brief introduction about us, that's okay because you're in good hands. In today's blog we will answer these key questions that pertain to our brand.

But first of all, let me take this opportunity to thank you for putting trust into our brand or eager to learn more about it by either reading this, browsing through our website, and/or subscribing to our newsletter -- it means a lot to us. I'm sure thoughts are flooding through your head as to why you would actually subscribe to a newsletter from a brand you barely know, and this is a fair and logical question. 

So, who are we?

Le Rougé is a brand for that specializes in lifestyle/fashion accessories and essentials. What do we mean by lifestyle exactly? It means we offer products that are used in everyday life, whether it is for the purpose of elevating your outlook, to provide essentials that serves practical benefits or a combination of both. We were established in late September/early October of 2017, and did so because we felt that people needed some motivation to improve their outlook and needed a one stop shop to cover their essentials, and through these accessories (primarily sunglasses, since that is what we think makes the difference), we hope they can do so. On top of that, we realized that not many websites give you accessories that are unique, stylish, yet serves practical benefits. Thus, we decided to start and capitalize on this opportunity.

We sincerely want to help people around the world reach their potential in terms of their appearance and outlook, and make them excel at what they do through it, whether it be career, relationships, or anything else in their personal lives. If they are missing something vital in their wardrobe, we also would be able to accommodate through our selection of essentials. Sunglasses, in our opinion, is the biggest indicator second to one's choice of clothing and it really reflects one's personality, preferences, and in some cases, their lifestyle.

Although we do cover some of the items we perceive are the contemporary trend when it comes to trends, we are open to more suggestions for additional items that can be added to our product line. If there are items that you want to be offered, we can look into it as well. Whatever you need, feel free to leave us know and we'll see if we're able to accommodate -- this could mean adding a new product line, or simply a new product or item within a category. Whatever it is, customer comes first. 

What do we do? 

We hand-pick all the accessories that is essential to your style development and for everyday life -- this includes timeless and hot products. On top of that, we provide essentials to those who need it. We understand that everyone may have different tastes in style and preferences, so we are always open to recommendations as well. Whether you are a style veteran or just a beginner, we strive to build a community of like-minded individuals with aspirations to become better than you were yesterday, while being able to fill your wardrobe with essentials that you need. We also pride in ourselves in offering some of the most unique collection of accessories - a store with designs that you rarely see. 

Why should I care?

In all honesty, you don't need to. We understand that the competition is undeniably fierce and the market for fashion, accessories and essentials is competitive. However, we are one of the only brands that exclusively provide accessories/essentials for unique designs, enabling you, as a style enthusiast and/or a regular consumer, to browse in one single platform as opposed to several during your online shopping. Thus, as our website title suggests, Le Rougé is a one stop shop to accessories and essentials. We also do frequent blog posts to provide free style tips and essential needs (in addition to this, of course), so should you decide to trust Le Rougé, we are eternally grateful and hope you can get some value from it.

Le Rougé is growing slowly but surely along with our community, and I hope you, the reader/consumer will be part of this growth. Take care.



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