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Elevating Your Style 101: For Beginners

If you're reading this, chances are you have some incentive or are curious to know what you can do to improve your self-image. Well, fortunately for you, we'll be covering this topic in today's blog post. So...where to begin? There are a myriad of possibilities for clothing and clothing combinations to try out, so it's to no surprise that you are confused about embarking on this journey. Today, we'll give you 6 tips to further enhance your image.

Avoid heavy graphic tees

Now, I'm not saying you have to avoid graphic T-shirts completely, but just keeping it a bit more simple. From what we've seen, it's harder to layer and mix and match with other pieces of items if the shirt you're wearing is painted with different colours and clashing with one another. To rectify this? Stick with the basic tees. And by basics, we mean the solid colours, such as white, black, navy blue or maroon. Now I'm not saying it's mandatory to do this - if graphic tees are what you prefer, then by all means go for it. It's still possible to pull off a dapper look while utilizing graphic tees. But as a rule of thumb, try to stick with relatively "mild" colours that aren't overwhelmingly bright or outstanding - you wouldn't want to be Pennywise from I.T. strolling down the street. 

Have a collection of shoes for different occasions

As style enthusiasts (or at least try to be), one of our pet peeves is to see a mismatch between the individual's outfit and their footwear. For example, an individual in smart casual or formal outfit coupled with running sneakers, or someone walking around in her PJs with her heels on. I mean, if that's your thing, by all means stick with it because that might be how you present yourself. But, if you want to look sharp, then you have to be stylistically consistent (is that even a word?). By that, we mean opt for footwear that is consistent with your outfit. Examples? If you're wearing a blazer, go for something complementary like high heels and if you're playing a sport, go for sneakers. Contrary to popular opinion, you're allowed to have a pair of footwear other than sneakers - don't be that person.


Having a collection of items means you're free to choose whatever you like to wear that day and experiment with different outfits to find the ideal outfit. Why do you see people posting #ootd (outfit of the day, for those who won't know) on social media? Because they're proud of what they're wearing, ranging from their clothing of choice all the way to the accessories like their necklaces or bracelets. Find accessories that are consistent with your outfit. Don't know where to start? Fortunately for you, Fortist is a good place to start. So have a browse to see what you like or want to try out. Start experimenting with styles that work for you and rest assured, you'll look back after a year and be ecstatic to see how much you've progressed. 

Consider throwing items that are "worn out" 

This ranges from briefs all the way to T-shirts. If one day, you found out that the pair of underwear or panties that you've been wearing for over 2 years have started to shrink, have holes in the back exposing your butt crack and/or turned yellow overtime, consider tossing them away. The last thing you want in your wardrobe is to have items that don't fit you and is getting worn out. Keeping your wardrobe fresh and clean is not only an indicator of good hygiene, but also essential to your style development. Clothes is another one. We all have or know someone who has a T-shirt or a pair of shoes that hasn't been touched for years - it's been there collecting dust. So, why not just consider donating for someone who needs it more than you do? It's a mutually beneficial situation - you get to clean out what you don't utilize, and the individual gets to benefit from an additional item. Personally, I've had plenty of clothes I decided to donate that were from my parents. As you grow older, you begin to develop your own style and experiment with other potential ones, and the ones you don't wear you're better off donating or giving it away.  


Out of all the things that we just mentioned, this is probably the most important factor to consider in order for style development. Many people fail to realize that the key to looking sharp is to find a piece of clothing that is TAPERED/TAILORED to your physique, regardless of your gender. Now, to make things clear, you don't need to be in optimal shape to be able to pull that off. If you look at celebrities from Hollywood in their premiers well into their 40s or even 50s, you'll see that a lot of them, especially men, have their suits tailored perfectly to their body. Of course, this extends beyond suits (blazers and dress pants) such as jackets and T-shirts. The rule of thumb to all of this is to have the shoulder line of the clothing match your shoulder length. If you can, try to go a little closer towards your neck. In addition, you should also ensure that as you raise both of your arms up (usually up to the point where they're parallel to the floor) there is no extra baggage along the sides of your body - this applies to blazers, as well as dresses. 

Don't be afraid to step out your comfort zone

Last but not least, do not be afraid to step outside of what you'd normally wear. In order to unlock your style potential, you need to experiment with different items and accessories. Although it may take some time, you will eventually find the style that you like and build a wardrobe accordingly. Who knows? You have might have a few styles that you enjoy. In fact, this applies to situations outside of mere style development. If you want to develop as an individual and experiment personal growth, consider going beyond your comfort zone. This is, however, beyond of the scope of our expertise and topic, so we'll just leave that to the professionals. Pertaining to style, however, wear clothing that you wouldn't normally wear, and if you feel that it aligns with your preferences, consider adding it to your wardrobe.  

Bottom line:

Many people that we see on the streets have so much potential to look better than they actually are - they just need the secrets to unlock that potential, and through style tips like we just mentioned and good tailoring, one will be able to achieve that goal. And you, can be one of them. 

Do you agree with this list? Let us know what you think and want to see next by sliding into those DMs on our social media pages. Until next time, Fortist family. 

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