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10 Outfits/Items For Fashion Inspiration in the Winter Season

Winter is one of those seasons where it gives you the opportunity to mix and match your favorite outfits and find out what you like best. Because layering is such a huge component during winter season, it gives you the flexibility to try out most of your favorite pieces simultaneously.

After flipping through various fashion magazines and blogs, we’ve compiled a list of items that you might want to try out to spice up your winter wardrobe (of course, you can still utilize these fashion items even if it’s not winter in your country!). Note: we don't take credit for these photos.

Without further ado, here are 10 outfit ideas to rock:

  1. The Long Coat

If you are looking for something more pulled together, a long coat will do the trick. The Long Coat, whatever style it may be, is a layering piece on the top that will instantly elevate the look and image you’re going for (given that you choose a complementing colour of course). Pair it with some jeans and a pointed ankle boot to ride the line between sophistication and rocker. Don’t know where to start? Versatile colours that we suggest include beige, brown, black or grey, but most neutral colours should do the trick too. Don't know where to start? Check out Fortist's Coat/Jacket collection. (missing something you want? message us let us know what you want us to offer). Take your pick and rock it out.

  1.  The Button Front Skirt

Button-front skirts are everywhere this season, and for good reason. They’re versatile, contemporary and most importantly, they would look absolutely amazing in long boots (who else agrees? Comment below). Pair your skirt with a slouchy turtleneck in addition to the knee high boots to stay on trend while looking funky fresh.

  1. Classic Cardigans

Can’t go wrong with this timeless fashion piece. It is the perfect layering item for all outfits this winter. Very much like the Long Coats we mentioned, it is ideal when a layering piece is required to keep yourself warmer during the colder seasons. But what’s good about cardigans is that you can rock it over a summer dress as well as you transition into the other seasons. Cardigans will be sure to upgrade your wardrobe, and pair it with some cool boots, sneakers and a bag for good measure.

  1. The Black Turtleneck

A winter classic that never goes out of style. It looks great when paired with blue pair of jeans and pretty much anything. Because black is such a versatile colour, you can’t really go wrong with it. Whether you are heading to class, school, work (if your workplace permits it) or just running errands, the black turtleneck will be sure to do your outfit of the day justice. Minimal effort, maximum style points.

  1. The Long/Midi Skirt

Winter can get pretty chilly, let’s admit. If given a choice, women definitely wouldn’t want to be caught wearing short dresses or mini skirts to a party. That is where the long skirt comes in and saves the day. Tuck in a long sleeve shirt into your skirt and keep your entirety of your legs warm. If you’re looking for some choices and inspiration, check out our collection of skirts (including our Cordova skirt in our skirt collection) that will do just the trick of elevating your style and keeping your legs warm.

  1. The Statement Scarf

If you’re looking for the perfect time to rock a scarf, winter is it. The great thing about this winter fashion staple is that it goes with any outfits. Colors aside, it is the angel on top of the tree to your winter outfit. The bigger the scarf, the warmer you’ll be. If you want to keep yourself warm all winter and in the colder weathers, investing in a wool scarf wouldn’t be a bad idea. It might be in the more expensive side, but trust me, your body and neck will thank you for it. A statement scarf will instantly make your friends, family and strangers focus on the scarf, and depending on the pattern or shape of the scarf, will instantly elevate your outfit.

  1. The Leggings

Of course, you don’t have to be in the winter season to rock the leggings. But as much as it is comfortable, it is also indisputably convenient to rock. Also given that there has been an explosion of love for athleisure in recent years, bringing leggings to the winter seasons seems to be the cool thing to do. While some might argue that leggings aren’t technically outerwear, pair them with a few essentials will definitely complete an outfit. Take your favorite long winter coat and your favorite ankle boots for a great winter outfit to errands. You can also wear your leggings underneath a proper pair of pants, just to provide that extra layer of warmth.


  1. The Shearling Jacket

Rather unconventional, but a must have to elevate your style. The winter is all about the jackets and a shearling style jacket is one thing you need to get in your closet. It’s definitely the perfect balance between warm and cool, and the fine details in the shearling jacket just helps with your overall image. You might not see it, but people will appreciate the fine details and effort you put into your outfit. Lucky for you, we offer some of these in our coats/jacket collection, too.

  1. The Striped shirt

With all the effort into trying to keeping yourself warm and selecting outfits that will do just that, women tend to forget the finer details that will elevate the outfit. Like we always like to say, details matter. Having a stripe shirt as opposed to a solid colored shirt will definitely spice up the outfit and add a new layer of detail. The color vibrance offering something fresh to your outfit and it may be just what you need to get that outfit popping. This doesn’t have to be all bright colors; a simple black white or neutral colored stripes should do the trick. Try it out and let us know what you think!

  1. The Beaded Skirt

Winter time means that there is bound to be a few holiday parties to attend. If you are looking for a party outfit that will wow your guests, try tucking in a long sleeve shirt into a beautifully beaded skirt and pair it with a long scarf and ankle boots. You’ll be dancing the “Jingle Bell Rock” all night. Not to mention it adds another layer of details to your outfit.



Have you tried these outfits or will you be trying these in the near future? Let us know what you think of these items. 

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